Mitigation, Restoration, & Planning

Mitigation, Restoration, & Planning

BioMaAS offers mitigation and restoration services including:

  • Habitat Restoration;
  • Mitigation Planning;
  • Mitigation Design and Monitoring;
  • Wetland Creation, Restoration, and Monitoring;
  • Long Term Management Plan Development.


BioMaAS offers a full complement of wetland restoration design and implementation services.

Our prior restoration work includes pond design, and wetland restoration plan design, implementation and monitoring. We use our extensive knowledge of wetland plants and limnology to ensure success.

We have specific experience in pond design and habitat creation for California red-legged frog and have designed and constructed six such mitigation ponds for the recent BART-to-SFO project and the current Devil’s Slide tunnel project. We have also designed and implemented restoration plans for California red-legged frog breeding ponds and San Francisco garter snake foraging habitat which have been degraded by excessive aquatic plant growth and/or siltation. In addition, we have successfully relocated frogs and egg masses in coordination with USFWS.

Long Term Management Plan Development

BioMaAS can develop long term management plans tailored to meet the needs of specific project sites, management and fiscal constraints, and a variety of target species. Long term and resource management planning can identify the distribution and abundance of target species, risk assessment to protected resources including non-native predators and invasive species, important habitat features, and potential for habitat enhancement. Early planning can establish baseline information, determine trends in habitat changes during monitoring periods, and establish criteria for successful management of public and private lands.